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Environmental Services

Water for Empowerment℠ environmental services are offered to organizations serving communities in need of clean water. Our environmental services are available to charities, faith-based groups, the private sector, water technology R & D personnel, or stakeholders on the ground currently incorporating clean water as part of community development or a sustainability project.

Qualified environmental consultants and water quality experts provide Water for Empowerment℠ environmental consulting services in the areas of design of water supply systems, water testing, water treatment systems, water purification systems, well systems, and water conveyance systems. Water for Empowerment℠ services are offered as a resource to help develop and further clean water projects, as well as, pilot or sustainability studies.

Presently, Water for Empowerment℠ environmental services are employed with IMEC on the development of a “water suite.” IMEC works in 93 developing countries in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and education as a logistic expert and distributor of customized suites, such as hospital operating rooms or laboratories, classrooms or family farming collectives suites with appropriate tools and seeds. Each suite is a container load of equipment that arrives complete with equipment, manuals, pictograms, and accompanying qualified personnel to train stakeholders tasked with responsibility for operation and maintenance.

Water for Empowerment is also working with a private sector company called Puralytics which has developed a portable water purifying SolarBag that can be used more than 500 times. This award-winning product can sustain a family of four for one year. Water for Empowerment is helping the company with a Phase II Pilot Study for sustainability in Malawi through GSMalawi. Two other products from Puralytics also hold enormous promise for developing nations: The sun-activated LilyPad for open water sources, and the Shield 1000 with LED powered water purification for municipalities, hospitals or clinics. For more information, please visit the product websites or contact us.

 Photo: Testing for e-coli in water samples from shallow well in Bankoni, Mali


"The participation of women and girls is essential if we are to achieve access to water, sanitation and hygiene education in Nicaragua. What's more, when women are empowered through microfinance projects they generate household income that supports the broader needs of their families. As a result, investments in safe water and sanitation bring wider and more profound changes to the lives of women, their children and generations that follow."
- Joshua Briemberg, Director, WaterAid Nicaragua


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