Mission: Empowering girls and women to build healthy
futures through clean water initiatives.

President Carter Champions Women’s Human Rights at TEDWomen 2015

Water for Empowerment™ is a collective journey of volunteers gathering resources and combining assets toward creating sustainable communities built on clean water. We partner with organizations already on the ground to embolden their efforts and help ensure transformative results. We believe that one less girl on a dusty road carrying water is one more girl in school. The effects of clean water and sanitation stretch far beyond health and sanitation benefits. Fewer children will die, more people will eat and fewer women and girls will be enslaved in the human trafficking industry. The relationship between women and water is more significant and personal than most people realize.

Girls in developing nations are responsible for obtaining water, which keeps them out of school and in dangerous situations on a daily basis. We believe that by providing girls in developing nations with access to clean water, they are protected from being abducted or sold into the human trafficking industry, an exponentially larger slave trade occurring today than at any previous time in human history. The power of clean water to heal such human conditions occurs when girls are able to attend school rather than walk miles in unprotected areas for water or to find remote places in order to urinate/defecate or menstruate.

We also believe that by educating girls with water sciences, teaching them to maintain water from becoming contaminated by water born pathogens, how to drill and repair wells, to build latrines and teach others about hygiene, girls have the ability to transform not only their own lives, but that of their families and communities.

When girls have the power to elevate the level of hygiene, sanitation and sustainable farming in their own communities, they raise their own value for inclusion. They are no longer sold by families into human slavery, which can be disguised as domestic work in other countries or as marriages, when daughters often are perceived as expendables or commodities with a price tag.

Life expectancy increases for entire communities when girls are able to grow up safely and become healthy women during their childbearing years. Clean water singularly holds the transformative power to reduce global death by starvation, dehydration, and water borne illnesses that contaminate food and animals. We believe that the key to disrupting the poverty cycle is to empower girls and women to build healthy lives through clean water initiatives. That’s our mission.

Water for Empowerment, Inc. was officially incorporated in 2013 as a charitable organization with a goal to join the world community to help secure and maintain clean water for communities exposed to water borne pathogens. We adopted the eight goals of the Millennium Development Group. Throughout 2014, we investigated clean water technologies and water charities (and their missions) to find out how we could best serve other non-profits as more than just another fundraising organization. In 2015, we formed a 3-year partnership with WaterAid America for supporting a micro-enterprise project for young women in Nicaragua. On June 2, 2015, the IRS awarded Water for Empowerment tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3).

Our mission is to empower women and girls with clean water initiatives. Currently, a program is underway in Bilwi, Nicaragua and surrounding communities through WaterAid Nicaragua that exemplifies our mission. We are proud to be sponsors of the project. Please learn more on this website.

Our model for accomplishing sustainability is based on a B2B relationship with other charitable organizations— NGO to NGO.


"The participation of women and girls is essential if we are to achieve access to water, sanitation and hygiene education in Nicaragua. What's more, when women are empowered through microfinance projects they generate household income that supports the broader needs of their families. As a result, investments in safe water and sanitation bring wider and more profound changes to the lives of women, their children and generations that follow."
- Joshua Briemberg, Director, WaterAid Nicaragua


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