2000 “8 Millenium Goals” Updated for Next 15 Years

2000 “8 Millenium Goals” Updated for Next 15 Years

You may have heard that the MDG’s — or 8 Millennium Development Goals — adopted in 2000 by the world community under UN leadership are being called the greatest anti-poverty success in history. This is based on a 50% decline in extreme poverty over the last 15 years as defined by those living on $1.25 a day or less. Sub-saharan Africa is improving faster than any other developing region. You can read the UN Report.

For the next 15 years, the world community is targeting new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are seen as the best for targeting resources and continuing the improvements over the next 15 years. Specifically, the 8 goals have been replaced by 17 goals. UN Sec’y General Ban Ki-moon believes that the original MDGs “have taught us how governments, business and civil society can work together to achieve transformational breakthroughs.”

During our founding, Water for Empowerment adopted the original eight goals, which included amongst other things, clean water access, women’s and maternal health, and improved education for girls. In the new seventeen goals, our mission of empowering women and girls to build healthy futures with clean water initiatives is reflective of at least a dozen. Please join us and support our current project/fundraiser.




"The participation of women and girls is essential if we are to achieve access to water, sanitation and hygiene education in Nicaragua. What's more, when women are empowered through microfinance projects they generate household income that supports the broader needs of their families. As a result, investments in safe water and sanitation bring wider and more profound changes to the lives of women, their children and generations that follow."
- Joshua Briemberg, Director, WaterAid Nicaragua


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